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A QA engineer or Quality Assurance engineer is responsible for ensuring that software products or applications work properly before their release to end users. They ensure that every software complies with company standards by testing the software and constantly searching for issues. A career as a QA engineer is ideal for you, f you enjoy problem-solving and working with technology.

QA engineer

A QA engineer is in charge of testing and quality control of software programs prior to the release of the product or application. They plan and carry out testing at various stages of the development process to find and identify bugs and potential issues with new software.

They collaborate with the software development team to test the program and document its functionality before making it available to the public.  Additionally, the QA engineer must guarantee that the software meets or exceeds business and legal requirements.

How to become a QA Engineer?

Here are some steps to becoming a QA Engineer 

1. Choose one programming language to specialize in

If you are looking for a QA engineer role, It is nice to learn how to write an object-oriented language, such as C++, Java, or Python. Choose the programming languages you want to learn based on the industry you want to work in, such as web development, software development, or embedded systems.

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2.Learn coding and software development

A bachelor’s degree in Computer science or information systems technology or software engineering would be a great foundation for a QA engineer position.

3.Apply for an internship or contract positions

You can seek opportunities or contract positions while you are in your studies. These positions give your resume more impact, and temporary contract work might be a means to start networking with coworkers and break into the workforce while you’re still in school.

4.Develop technical skills

Technology is rapidly changing and it is very important to know the current trends and advancements within the industry. Continue to develop and advance your skills and knowledge.

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5.Get professional Certification

Achieving certification may allow for opportunities for higher-paying jobs. Some certifications related to software testing are Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) and American Society of Quality(ASQ).

6.Create a professional resume and Portfolio

A professional resume includes your professional experience and talents that need to be in a career opportunity. . Technical resumes are utilized in areas like information technology, engineering, and computer science.

For potential employers, your portfolio displays your skills and expertise while showcasing your professional activities and achievements. Basically, this is a website that has information about you, your contact information, and the best examples of the work you’ve done.