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 Venus Consultancy is a recruitment agency in Michigan, provides professional recruitment and staffing services. To achieve recruitment success we connect highly qualified job seekers with opportunities at great companies. We have more than 16 years of experience in the staffing industry. We have an extensive range of  industries covered by staffing expertise. Our experts match employers with highly qualified job seekers. We have developed a good recruiting process that focuses and aligns to deliver the best to the organization. Ultimately, we work as close business partners, to work as a recruitment niche with our client.


The success of our organisation can be traced back to a fundamental and very focused belief that the best candidate for any search is someone who is successful in their current role and will change careers only if the new opportunity is genuine and significant.

As a result, Venus Search takes great effort to match the needs of the client with the experience of the applicant in every aspect of the process, from identifying the core of the client’s demand during the initial interview through the final pre-employment interview. The quick completion of the search has always been the primary goal.

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We work with our client as a Diversity supplier. We understand our clients and can help them to achieve goal of ‘equal opportunity company’.



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