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A significant transformation is about to occur in the global automotive industry. A variety of technologies are being developed by manufacturers to make their vehicles connected, smart, and effective. Hybrid and electric automobiles are predicted to represent a huge market opportunity in the near future based on market trends and the product launch plans of key industry players.

 The innovation for in-vehicle connectivity and infotainment systems has become the key driver of product differentiation for competitors in the automotive industry. In order to define their brand and stay on top of the automotive industry, manufacturers are under greater pressure than ever to create superior in-car experiences for both drivers and passengers as well as better and more entertaining services.

In order to provide a high-quality driving experience, the automobile industry is always developing new technology. Car manufacturers have become interested in the development of automobile infotainment systems as a technology that combines information and enjoyment. Increased consumer disposable income and simple financing alternatives in emerging countries have made it possible for people to buy passenger cars, which has increased demand for technologically advanced vehicles with useful and practical entertainment systems.


  • Communications & Infotainment
  • Vehicle Management
  • Safety and Security
  • Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving
  • Integrated Car Connections- Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Over-the-air Updates


1. IVI System Development

  • Intelligent Driver Safety Solution
  • Entertainment Application Development (Radio, Music, etc.)
  • Vehicle Application Development (HAVC, Vehicle Status, etc.)
  • Vehicle Connectivity Development (BT, WiFi, DLNA, etc.)

2.MOST/LIN/CAN BUS Development & Simulation

Vehicle-based Mobile Application Development

  • Vehicle Dashboard
  • Driving Assistance
  • Remote Control

3.Vehicle-based Cloud Service

  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Personalization
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnosis
  • Remote Helpdesk

4.Vehicle Positioning and Tracking

3rd Party Integration Development

  • Navigation, LBS, Geofence
  • Vehicle OS Platform Integration (Android Auto, Car Play, etc.)

 Why Venus?

  • Professionals in architecture who are well-versed in the most recent trends in connectivity and multimedia
  • Solid background in the telecom and mobile industries
  • A commitment to building up automotive domain knowledge through a dedicated centre of excellence
  • Track record of success in the field of embedded software
  • Unparalleled proficiency in technical consulting and system integration
  • Delivery of high-quality solutions utilising our project management experience and global development strategy
  • Expertise and global development approach