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Today technology influences almost every part of our lives, and the demand for IT jobs will continue to expand rapidly over the next ten years. Over the past years, the majority of businesses have been compelled to expand their reliance on and investment in technology. They now have a lot of manpower needs to fill, whether in data analysis, software development, IT support, or IT security. Some of the most in-demand Developer jobs are:

  1. Full Stack Developer
  2. Back end Developer
  3. Application Developer
  4. Front end Developer
  5. Data Engineer
  6. Tester
  7. Mobile Developer
  8. Systems Engineer


1.Full Stack Developer

Front-end and back-end developers collaborate as Full stack developers. They are usually experts in all aspects of software development. Employers require this adaptability, and by hiring a full-stack engineer, they avoid recruiting separate front-end and back-end developers. 

developer jobs in Canada

Companies are seeking developers who are adaptable and can handle various stacks as needed. As a result, developers who invest the time to learn several tech stacks have a greater chance of advancing their careers and earning more money.

The average salary is $100,374 per year 

2.Back-end Developer

Back-end developers make the front end of the websites possible. The backend of a website consists of an application, server, and database. Back-end developers work with front-end developers to build and maintain code behind website user interface and design.

To service their customers, most businesses need fully functional websites. Websites are primarily built and optimized by back-end developers.


The average salary is $89,196 per year 

3.Application Developer

Application Developer is a software engineer who develops, tests, and programs apps for computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

Application developer jobs

An application developer is a critical part of project management teams responsible for ensuring user needs are met through the deployment and updates of software. The application developer is responsible for working with a team to deploy releases to internal and external clients.

The average salary is $110,140

4.Front-end Developer

Front-end developer works on the aspects of websites that users interact with – dropdown menus, sliders to colors, and fonts using a combination of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Today’s users have more expectations than ever before for their web experience, and front-end developers work hard to deliver on those expectations.

The average salary of a Front end developer is $86,013.

5.Data Engineer

Data scientists and business analysts can use the information created by data engineers’ systems to examine unprocessed data in a variety of scenarios. Their ultimate goal is to make data accessible so that companies may use it to evaluate and enhance their performance. A data engineer collect, sort, and distribute data to the right parts of the business.

IT jobs in Canada

The average salary  is $87,533 

6.Software Tester 

A software tester is in charge of creating test plans for software usability, executing these plans, and providing the production team with reports on the tests’ efficacy and flaws. A software tester is also called Quality Assurance Tester.

A tester tests software for errors, defects, bugs, or any other problems that an end user might experience. To put it simply, a tester’s role is to assess products and write reports for the project team about any problems or needed adjustments. They evaluate the project and determine the kinds of tests needed to do this. They then design a strategy for carrying out the testing.

The average salary is $76,663 per year

7.Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer is a developer who designs and codes applications and programs that run on smartphones and Tablets. They enable businesses to roll out all of their features across their standard computer website and mobile platform.

developers job

Companies looking to create and update their space on mobile. So the demand for mobile developers is very high.

The average is $87,625 per year

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