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Diversity in the workplace can be very beneficial for all industries, especially in Aerospace and aviation. Although there is still a long way to go for many organizations, it is encouraging that industry leaders are beginning to change their hiring strategies to ensure diversity across the board.

Diversity in Aerospace Industry

The aviation sector is now discussing how to increase diversity and inclusion. According to Data USA, 92.3% of pilots and flight engineers in the US are whites, and 93% are male. Promoting diversity and a culture of inclusion is likely to be a crucial element for organizational success in the upcoming years as the aviation sector works to solve a skills gap and the general population becomes more diverse.

Benefits of Diversity

Although promoting diversity and inclusion are ethical business practices, the aviation industry also benefits from boosting diversity.

New Ideas and perspective

A diverse workforce is more likely to be able to fill talent gaps and be well-rounded in terms of new ideas and viewpoints. A diverse work team can be a powerful barrier against stale thinking and groupthink, leading to innovation.

By welcoming diversity, whether it is bringing more women, those from diverse backgrounds, or people from different generations together, the business as a whole will eventually start to develop a new ideology and afterward hopefully become even more successful.

Increase your market share

According to the Center for Talent Innovation, companies can reap a “diversity dividend” unlocked by better understanding underserved demographics and new areas for service altogether.


Improve the Bottom Line

The number of patent applications, the number of granted patents, and eventually the number of items available for sale have all been connected to more diverse teams.

The modern candidate values diversity

Diversity and inclusion not only demonstrate your company’s ethical commitment to the workforce but also position you as a desirable employer to prospects in today’s market. 

Businesses and organizations in all sectors are noticing a change in the priorities of applicants and potential employees, with diversity at the forefront of some of the most important talks in hiring.

How to increase diversity

1.Eliminate bias in hiring and recruiting

Diversity should be considering not only personal attributes like age, gender, or race but also industry and international experience.

Diverse workplace

2.Create and Emphasize non-discrimination and Inclusion policies

An organization must create and communicate a clear non-discrimination and inclusion policy. This not only establishes the foundation for a business that doesn’t allow discrimination or harassment, but it can also aid in hiring because candidates’ decisions may be heavily influenced by workplace inclusivity. 

Organizations should not only demand inclusiveness but also make plans to take advantage of individual employee variations to assemble a group of experts whose skill sets complement one another.

3. Offer Inclusive Benefits

Companies that provide advantages that draw in a large pool of applicants are more likely to promote diversity.

Diversity in Aerospace Industry

4. Raise Awareness

In order to address the aviation skills gap and the demand for greater diversity, aviation companies can make sure that their managers, recruiters, and staff are informed. Making the subject a regular topic of discussion promotes an inclusive society.