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The back office is an essential part of your business. If these functions don’t run smoothly, you can’t operate your business. A front office is the face of your company while a back-office typically deals with administrative functions. Back-office functions include:

  • IT services
  • Finance, Accounting, and Bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment and Staffing

By outsourcing these operations, you can save your time and could use it to improve other business operations. Here we share 5 most outsourced back-office functions.

Data Entry

Data entry is one of the most important processes for any organization. Data entry is the process of taking data stored in a medium and inserting these data into a computer system through a data entry interface. Outsourcing data entry means hiring external help to handle the data entry task of your business.

Data entry services

  • Data entry jobs include:
  • Product data entry
  • Claims data entry
  • Transcribing handwritten document
  • Survey data entry
  • Document management services
  • Image data entry
  • Invoice data entry

The main advantage of outsourcing your data entry operations is to save time and money. The third party will handle these operations and you can easily focus on core business functions like marketing, finance, and accounting operations.


When outsourcing payroll services of your business, a third party will take care of the payroll process from the beginning to the end.

These professionals take care of your payroll processing and reporting including the tax reductions, preparing payroll for the year-end, and handling pay-related employee inquiries.

Through outsourcing organizations save costs by protecting themselves from what could be expensive payroll tax or calculation mistakes and guaranteeing workers are paid appropriately and on time.

Human Resource and Administration

HR services

Businesses can outsource the entire HR area or simply just part of the HR section.HR outsourcing helps organizations to achieve the highest level of employee satisfaction and smooth out the business process by freeing up their valuable time and developing an HR strategy which includes screening and hiring, auditing, compensation, leave management, retention, performance management, and building up better procedures and work processes.

IT Support

Information Technology is one of the most important functions in every business and one of the vast areas in outsourcing. Sales support or technical support is vital to any company to obtain customer satisfaction and hence customer retention, which is the reason inquiries or issues from clients should be managed by a group of experts with sound technical expertise and customer service experience. They are well organized and should know the latest trends and tools.


outsourced back office functions

Marketing plays a vital role in creating brand awareness and generating leads for your business. Outsourcing marketing involves hiring a third-party marketing agency or marketing professional to perform your marketing activities. Outsourced marketing activities include Market research, planning, creative projects, and marketing operations.