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Are you passionate about cars? Then it’s the time to turn your passion into paychecks. Automotive Industry is booming and it is fascinating and highly versatile. To satisfy the demands of a low carbon economy, there is a requirement for clean automobile technology today, which necessitates the use of professionals. For those who have a passion for automobiles, the automotive sector offers a variety of employment, including those for mechanics, designers, and engineers.

Automotive engineer jobs

While technicians assist with simpler maintenance jobs, mechanics can execute more difficult operations like changing engines or alternators. Designing new cars can be a profitable career for creative people. This position is always in great demand because it requires an innovative person to generate concepts. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the automotive sector encompasses businesses involved in the manufacture, distribution, sale, and repair of motor vehicles, resulting in a wide variety of professions requiring a wide range of skill sets.

Great jobs are hard to find in the auto industry. Some of the highest-paying Autotech jobs are listed below:

Quality testing engineer

They are responsible for every component of a vehicle. This ensures every part is functioning properly and safely. They test electronics, wireless communication, system integration, and crash tests.

quality engineer jobs

Their responsibilities include developing test cases, executing tests, and resolving any quality defects they uncover.

The national average salary of a quality testing engineer is $90,562 per year.

Mechanical Engineers

The main duties of  Mechanical engineers are designing, creating, testing, and building mechanical sensors and devices. They are office-based professionals, On rare occasions, they might travel to the location of a problem or piece of equipment that requires their attention. Most mechanical engineers are employed in manufacturing, R&D, and engineering services.

The national average salary of a mechanical engineer is $95,300 per year.

Automotive Designer

Automotive design is a highly specialized industry that combines many technical aspects, safety, financial knowledge, and creativity. The industry encompasses a variety of wheeled modes of transportation in addition to vehicles.

Automotive Designer

Designers in this industry create the aesthetic elements and ergonomics of automobiles. A team of engineers develops the vehicles’ functionality, but automotive designers are in charge of the vehicles’ aesthetics and appearance.

The national average salary of an Automotive Designer is $89,471 per year.

Process Engineer

Industrial process design, implementation, control, and optimization come under the scope of process engineers. Their services require all industries like pharmaceutical, agricultural, mining, and of course automotive industry.

Process Engineer jobs

They will handle the engineering of the plant production process by maintaining automated systems. They also resolve the technical issues that may arise.

A candidate must possess strong technical knowledge of the automated manufacturing process to be eligible. They must also possess the creativity necessary to develop new modes of production.

The national average salary of a process engineer is $87,000

Automotive Engineer

An Automotive engineer is responsible for vehicle design, development, manufacturing, and testing. They play a significant role in all aspects of the marketing, sales, and after-sale of commercial vehicles. Their work involves making the most of advanced technologies while maintaining user safety and convenience.

Automotive Jobs

They may also be found to enhance previously used technologies to create new systems that follow current market trends. They should have the ability to collaborate with other professionals in the same field trying to accomplish the same goal.

The national average salary of an automotive engineer is $85,581 per year.

Embedded Developers

Embedded developer jobs

Embedded Developers are skilled software engineers in embedded developers who create and write code for machines and other devices. They specialize in creating software for specialized hardware found in things like cars, modems, appliances, and mobile phones, among other things. They take part in every step of the development of embedded systems, from integration to design.

The national average salary of an Embedded developer is $79,663 per year.